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Information and Documentation about BioUML - Software

BioUML plugin for EndoNet

In a cooperation between ISB and Goettingen a plugin for EndoNet is developed. You can access the server providing the plugin when you load a new database in your client and use the following settings:

  • Server address:
  • Server port: 8180

At the moment this is only a test version of the plugin, new versions with more functionality, like diagrams will come soon.


Plans for future

  • Introduction (main features)
  • Broader database linkage
  • Responsiveness
  • User interface
  • Simulations
  • Microarray
  • Statistical analyzes
  • Automated pathway creation
  • Automated software update manager


  • More stability
  • Inclusion of databases like KEGG/GO/Ensembl/GeneNet ...
  • Different graphic options

Requirements and Suggestions

  • Provide user manual for pathway creation
  • Specify KEGG pathway names (e.g. glycolysis instead of map00010)
  • Compatibility of KEGG pathways and self-designed pathways
  • Optimize search options (e.g. search for lysophosphatidylcholine does not provide any lipid results)


Plans for future

  • Responsiveness
  • Broad database linkage
  • User-friendly -> Quick introduction in program application
  • Automated pathway creation
  • Automated software update manager (like Eclipse's find and install)

Requirements and Suggestions

Different graphics

  • not too colourful (arrows, symbols)
  • all ankles in 90°C (see KEGG pathway)
  • shorter names for enzymes (e.g. EC number in KEGG pathway)

More stability

No program crashes during usage of more than one person

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