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Internal links

How to make internal links

An internal link links a page to another page within the same project.

  • [[a]] gives a.
  • [[a|b]] gives b (link to a, labelled b).
  • [[a]]b gives ab, just like [[a|ab]] does: ab.
  • [[a|b]]c gives bc, just like [[a|bc]] does: bc.
  • a[[b]] gives ab.
  • [[a]]<nowiki>b</nowiki> gives ab.
  • [[a]]''b'' gives ab.
  • ''[[a]]''b gives ab.
  • [[a|b]]c<nowiki>d</nowiki> gives bcd.
  • [[a]][[b]] gives ab (two links, but looking equal to the single link ab), even if the links are underlined (a b and a b look the same only if links are not underlined).

External Links

What is an external Link

An external link links to a page which is no direct part of the Lipidomics Wiki. It is mostly used for any references or further information on another website in the internet.

Making an external Link - Syntax

The syntax for referencing a URL is simple. Just enclose it in single brackets:

[URL link title after space]

The URL must begin with http:// or another common protocol, such as ftp:// or news://.

In addition, putting URLs in plain text with no markup automatically produces a link, for example Therefore, in cases where you wish to display the URL because it is intrinsically valuable information, it is better to use the short form of the URL (host name) as the optional text: [] produces

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