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Customisation allows users to tailor Lipidomics Wiki to suit their own preferred style. It mostly allows for changes in the way pages are displayed, but there are also many functional tweaks that some editors find useful when editing articles.

The preferences link, available on the menu of a logged-in user, allows you to change most of the options that you will require.

User name and signatures

Your username is displayed in the edit histories of all the articles you contribute to and is linked to your user and talk pages. You choose your name when you first register on www.lipidomics-expertise and it is usual to stay with the same name throughout your time on the project.

Signatures are customised using the preferences under "User profile" where they are referred to as your "Nickname". You should always sign your posts on talk pages and many users choose to customise the way their signature appears.

Adding a link to your talk page

Perhaps the most common signature choice is to add a link to your talk page. To do so, add "[[User:Name|Name]] | [[User talk:Name|Talk]]" as your signature. Be sure to check "Raw signature", as this is necessary for the software to recognize the markup. The result will look like this: Name | Talk.

The separator is optional, but some way of visually distinguishing your nickname from any additional links is advisable.

Note: If you post your signature to your own talk page, the word "Talk" in the above example will be black rather than an active link; that's to avoid a link on a page that points to its own page.


A MediaWiki skin is a style of page display. There are differences in the HTML code the system produces (but probably not in the page body), and also different style sheets (Cascading Style Sheets|CSS) are used.

The default is the MonoBook skin. You can change the skin in your preferences menu.

The special page My Preferences offers a preview of the various skins for the Main Page. This is not exactly interesting for typical articles, therefore here's a list of previews for this page:

monobook (default) cologneblue myskin chick
standard (classic) nostalgia simple dummy
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