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InstitutionUniversity of Helsinki

Biocentrum Helsinki
Principal investigator Prof. Dr. Elina Ikonen

Email: Elina Ikonen

Telephone:00358 919125277
Country Finland
Beneficiary NumberP14
About usUniv. of Helsinki is the largest and most versatile university in Finland and a member of the

League of the European Research Universities (LERU). The Institute of Biomedicine is the major pre-clinical institute of the Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Helsinki. It is located at the Biomedicum Helsinki Center for Medical Research and Training, in the immediate vicinity of the Helsinki University Central Hospital. The Institute of Biomedicine has a staff of around 210 people, with 12 professors. About 10 PhD degrees and 200 publications are produced annually by the Institute. The two first years of the undergraduate curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine are mainly organised by the Institute of Biomedicine. The University participates in the European Lipidomics Initiative (Elife) and the individual research teams at the Institute of Biomedicine have a long standing successful track of lipid research. Biomedicum Helsinki Center for Medical Research and Training offers high-quality facilities for research and education of both basic and physician scientists. It functions as a broad cooperation, with major contributions from the Univ. of Helsinki, Hospital District of Helsinki, the city of Helsinki, National Public Health Institute and a number of private research institutes and businesses. Biomedicum Helsinki provides an outstanding infrastructure and a number of core facilities with state-of-the-art techniques, including Bioinformatics, Molecular

and Cellular Imaging, High-throughput Methods, Animal Facilities and Transgenic Unit.
ContributionsRole in the project: P14 provides essential expertise in biochemical and cell biological analysis of lipid trafficking and will analyse lipid trafficking to both lipid droplets and lamellar bodies.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force II, Task Force VI, and Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP6

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