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InstitutionUniversit├Ąt Bonn - Christoph Thiele
University of Bonn
Principal investigator Dr. Christoph Thiele

Email: Christoph Thiele

Telephone:+49 (0)228 73 62817
Country Germany
Beneficiary NumberP15B
About usThe research of the institute aims at understanding the cell biological basis of tissue

formation in animal development. The 25 research groups within the institute cover a broad range of interests and expertise from biophysical studies on single molecules over cell based studies of organelle function to developmental studies in various model systems. Research groups are complemented by 11 scientific service facilities that provide access to complex technologies such as mass spectrometry, robotic screening and latest developments of light microscopy. Within the institute, three research groups and one facility will collaborate for the siRNA screening activities of the present application. The Thiele research group has a long standing interest in lipid trafficking and lipid-protein interactions. Recent work focuses on the cell biology of the lipid droplet. The Zerial research group is a leading group in endocytosis research. It has successfully used large scale siRNA screening to define new pathways regulating endocytosis and will contribute their experience to the planned screen. The Technology Development Studio (TDS) is the facility that provides know-how and instrumentation for large scale siRNA screening and automated high content imaging. TDS supports at all levels of the project including assay development, automated screening and automated data handling. The Shevchenko research group has developed new methods for lipid mass spectrometry with an emphasis on analysis of unprocessed cellular lipid extracts (shotgun or top-down lipidomics), which will be applied in automated format for the analysis

of lipid phenotypes in siRNA screening.
ContributionsP15B provides expertise on high-content, high-throughput siRNA screening and

on cell biology of lipid droplets. P15B will generate large screening datasets which will

be futher processed by the bioinformatics groups in WP7.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force II, Task Force VI, Task Force VIII, and Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP7

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