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Principal investigator Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez Couto

Email: Email:Eduardo Gonzalez Couto

Country Spain
Beneficiary NumberP21
About usIntegromics SL (www.integromics.com), is a spin-off company of the National Center for

Biotechnology (Spain), with a sound experience and knowledge in Information Technologies applied to the solution of key problems in Life Sciences, particularly in the field of high throughput experimental techniques with special focus (but not restricted to) on Transcriptomics and Proteomics. Integromics realises the need for the Academy, biotech and pharma industries to have an expert data management & analysis backend with a deep understanding of the biological data involved. To meet these needs at a professional level, the Founder of Integromics, Dr.Jose Maria Carazo, Head of the Biocomputing Unit of the National Center for Biotechnology, assembled an unusual team of people with leading edge knowledge in data management, data integration and data analysis and proven record of joint work with their experimentalist colleges in the lab. The team counts with experts from Madrid (CNB), Malaga (Department of Computer Architecture) and San Diego (SD Supercomputer Center and UCSD Neuroscience Dpt.). The company portfolio is being consolidated with products in the following areas: - Microarray Data Management, Integration and Analysis. - Advanced Data Mining with genomic profiles along with functional annotations (in connection with patents PCT/ES00/00466 and US2004/0078351/A1 from Prof.Carazo’s group) Other business lines are Microarray analysis services and software customisation for specific fields in Life Sciences. We have built strong partnerships with two well-known parties in the field of high throuput

techniques, namely, Applied Biosystems-Celera Genomics and Spotfire.
ContributionsIntegromics provides the unique ability to integrate and warehouse the various data types

that will be generated during the project, and to extract knowledge and understanding from these results. Integromics also contributes specialized data-mining expertise that will enable

a deep analysis of the LipidomicNet results.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force VIII, and Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP7

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Name Phone & Fax Email Postal Adress TF's WP's
Eduardo Gonzalez Couto
+34 91 128 24 11 eduardo.gonzalez@integromics.com
C/Santiago Grisolia, 2,
28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
Jose Maria Carazo
+34 91 128 24 11 carazo@integromics.com VIII WP7
Marco Rodrigez
+34 91 128 24 11 marco.rodriguez@integromics.com VIII WP7
Isabel Cuesta
+34 91 128 24 11 isabel.cuesta@integromics.com VIII WP7
User:Roberto Martin
+34 91 128 24 11 roberto.martin@integromics.com VIII WP7

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