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InstitutionOxford Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of OxfordImage:Oxford_Uni_logo.gif
Principal investigator Dr. Frederik Karpe

Email:Frederik Karpe

Country United Kingdom
Beneficiary NumberP22
About usThe group is headed jointly by Dr Fredrik Karpe and Prof Keith N Frayn. The main focus of

the research activities is within the areas obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders. A main resource is the Oxford Biobank (OBB) now comprising ~1,300 participants, which is specifically established to perform functional genomic studies using integrative physiology. The process is enabled by a ‘recruit-by-genotype’ approach. Within the functional genomic research the group has close collaborations with Prof Mark McCarthy and the Wellcome Trust Case Control consortium (WTCCC) recently responsible for the discovery of several novel obesity and diabetes genes. The group has a particular expertise in the study of adipose tissue function in humans. This is achieved by the combination of classic arterio-venous sampling techniques, studies of adipose tissue blood flow and state-of-the-art tracer methodology using stable isotopes. This is supported by a dedicated mass spectrometry unit in which analysis of stable isotope lipid tracers are analysed from blood and breath samples derived from physiological studies. Within the OBB an adipose tissue bank has been established. It now consists of approximately 300 abdominal and gluteal biopsies new biopsies are taken for dedicated studies. Biopsy material undergo multiple analyses involving transcriptomic and proteomic platforms as well as analysis of array-based epigenetic studies and microarray studies of microRNA to understand functional changes in relation to disease processes such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, lipodystrophy and the metabolic syndrome. A well-equipped clinical research unit within OCDEM supports translational medicine and the

group has been involved in several early Phase 2 studies on new drug targets.
ContributionsThe Karpe lab brings extensive experience in the study of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance

and metabolic syndrome in human cohorts. The experience in clinical trials and Biobanks including the use of stable isotopes will benefit LipidomicNet, whilst access to existing

samples together with new patients will be of particular importance.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force VI, Task Force VIII, and Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP4

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