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About WebEx conferencing system

WebEx Communications Inc. is a Cisco Systems, company that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing applications. Its products include "Meeting Center", "Training Center", "Event Center" and many more.

WebEx for LipidomicNet Project

First, the home URL for our webEx - installation is:

Please visit our webEx home in order to get a list of scheduled meeting and see what's going on next with lipidomicNet.

Your costs

Video and application sharing via webEx

Taking part of a webEx - Session is free of cost for every participant / 'guest'. Means for everyone of you.

Audio transmissions

Because of stability reasons of VOIP solutions like Skype or integerated webEx VOIP we decided to use common telephone conference system. The costs your for audio are country - specific - but anyway - we think they are manageable.

Your Requirements

There is not a lot you need be part of a webEx meeting. The only thing you need to prepare is:

  1. A common telephone (audio will be transmitted in the same way like the previous conferences)
  2. A computer with a fast internet connection
  3. A Webbrowser (please use the Internet Explorer) supporting JAVA
  4. Optionally - a webcam - but it would be great if you install one.

Quickstart - Joining a meeting

You will get an invitation as Email with all the detailed information about how (links, password, starttime,...) to access / join a lipidomicNet - webEx meeting. Just follow the short Email - instructions to access the meeting.

References and further Help

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