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Discussion forum on mass spectrometric methods for the analysis of lipid species managed by Task Force I in the LipidomicNet (EU-Framework VII Program).

Browse lipid MS methods by analytes

Browse MS methods and standards by
Lipid classes: Analytical standards:
Fatty Acyls (FA) Fatty Acyls MS standards
Glycerophospholipids (GP) Glycerophospholipid MS standards
Sphingolipids (SP) Sphingolipid MS standards
Sterols (ST) Sterol MS standards

Browse lipid MS methods by categories

New lipid MS methods

Add new articles

Adding a new method please consider the following issues:

  • Structure the article name as follows (use "-" as delimiter):
    • Lipids analysed
    • Technologies used as shortcut (e.g. LC-MS/MS, MALDI-TOF)
    • Method developer: Lab name for unpublished or first author for published methods
  • Stick to the template as far as possible
  • Categorize your method concerning the technologies applied (existing categories)
  • Categorize your method concerning the lipid classes dealt with (existing categories)
  • Include links to the literature (PubMed links are preferred)

Task Force I

Internal pages of Task Force I in LipidomicNet:

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