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InstitutionProtagen AG - Stefan Müllner, Protagen AG, Dortmund
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Country Germany
Beneficiary NumberP20
About us
ContributionsProtagen AG provides a unique technology platform addressing all aspects in modern protein

science including:

  1. 2-dimensional electrophoresis of lipid binding proteins

A highly reproducible method for the differential display of membrane and plasma membrane proteins, i.e. lipid associated proteins, based on the Large Gel 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis method (2DE) developed by Joachim Klose a method for highly reproducible differential display of membrane proteins was developed.

  1. Identification of high affinity protein binders and binding proteins

In order to identify high affinity protein ligands and other high-affinity binding molecules, e.g. lipids, aptamers, small molecules and nucleic acids Protagen employs a high content protein macroarray. The macroarrays contain His-tagged > 37.000 DNA sequenced human protein expression products produced in E.coli.

  1. Protein Microarrays and Fast Selection of the best Antibody

The set of binders used in the project for pull downs and other methods will be tested for specificity on protein Microarrays - UNIchip® - in order to significantly reduce the false positive rate. This technology allows the quantitative analysis of the off-target binding partners and sensitivity/affinity testing.Specialised Microarrays for quantitative and statistical significant studies of protein lipid interaction will be produced employing the high-throughput capabilities at Protagen.

  1. Posttranslational Modifications of Target Proteins

Modiro® - a new software tool developed by Protagen allows the precise identification of all known and even hitherto unknown posttranslational protein modifications (PTM) in proteins and peptides. MS/MS spectra generated by machines from all manufactures can be analysed.

  1. Automated Protein Identification Platform

The latest generation of mass spectrometers by Bruker Daltonics were acquired in December 2006 – Ultraflex III, HCT Ultra and MicroTOF-Q - by Protagen. In addition, a highthroughput and robotised workflow for proteome analysis is established and functional at

Protagen. This platform is accessible for all project partners.
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