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InstitutionETH Zürich - Christian Wolfrum, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, Competence Centre for Systems Biology of Metabolic Disorders, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Principal investigator Prof Dr. Christian Wolfrum

Email: Christian Wolfrum

Telephone:+41 44-6557451
Country Switzerland
Beneficiary NumberP06
About usThe research of the institute is directed towards analyzing complex metabolic disorders using

a systems biology approach. The mission of the Institute is to develop, apply and teach the emerging science of Systems Biology. We understand Systems Biology as an approach to biological research that studies biological systems and processes as dynamic, integrated networks of interacting molecules. The underlying vision is that the structure and dynamics of such networks will provide insights into the function and control of biological systems that are not apparent from studying the systems’s components. Complex metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and cancer are considered major health risks globally. With the completion of the sequencing of the genomes of several species including humans the challenge is now to systematically decipher and integrate the many different levels of biological information and to apply this newly gained knowledge towards a better understanding of these complex diseases. The available technologies include high throughput genotyping platforms and DNA-arrays for genetic analysis, protein analysis by MALDI-TOF. Furthermore, RNAi imagebased high throughput screening is available for high-content screening applications such

RNAi based as well as cDNA or small-molecule based screens.
ContributionsThe partner will be responsible for studying the process of adipocyte differentiation and maturation using primary cultures (preadipocytes and mature adipocytes) from animal models of metabolic disorder. Furthermore, lipid protein interaction as the basis for aberrant lipid droplet formation will be studied. Zürich will be the centre for carrying out gene array experiments for WP3.
Member of TaskforcesTask Force I, Task Force III, Task Force IV, Task Force V, Task Force VII, Task Force VIII, and Task Force IX
Member of WorkpackagesWP3

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